Nobody Likes Beer

It’s true. And even though I have no factual evidence, mygut tells me that no one liked beer the first time they tried it. Beer however, is also one of the main reasons that I and thousands of others are employed. Beer is living proof that a brand’s image is worth much more than its actual product. In fact if I were to eduguesstimate the percentage of selling the Coke brand versus its physical pieces, I would say that a buyer would pay about 66% for the name Coke and only 33% for the factories, people, distribution channels, etc. (And for you mathematicians, the last 1% would go to me for being awesome)

Popular beverages change their recipes ALL the time. 10 years ago the Coke people drank was not even close to what we drink today. Does that matter? We drink what we want, drive the cars we like, buy designer clothes because of the way they make us feel, not function. And even though society contributes to such feelings as well, advertising most certainly helps shape those feelings that we as a society have.


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