I want more blimps!

I know there is a ton of non traditional advertising out there, but i’m tired of the plain old blimps that just look like phallic objects. Clearly we have the technology to make blimps look like whatever we want (parade floats) so lets take it a step further.

No matter if it’s the thousands of spectators in the stands, or the millions in the television audience, when a blimp floats above a stadium, there are countless eyes on it. The possibility of making that blimp into something other than the typical oblong shape has the potential to increase that visibility dramatically.


Imagine GM is ready to introduce a new Hummer. It’s bigger than the H2 and based on a hybrid engine; it helps keep the air clean. GM wants to introduce this new fuel efficient vehicle in a big way. What better method than to use a 200 foot Hummer floating in the sky? Not only is the size of the blimp relating to the potential customers that this new Hummer is bigger, but the fact that it is floating in the sky creates an association with cleaner air thanks to the hybrid engine.


In addition to the actual blimp being in the shape of a Hummer, one side of the blimp could have the name of the car (for example, the Hummer O2) and the other side of the blimp could have a slogan that captures the idea behind the vehicle like, “Think Big, Think Clean.”


One Response to I want more blimps!

  1. Thats great! 🙂 Thanks for sharing

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