Unleash the floodgates!!

Some people have feared it, others have anxiously anticipated it, there is no doubt however that this was an inevitability. Facebook is now allowing ANYONE to get an account. So don’t be surprised if you get “poked” soon by your favorite cell phone provider or energy drink distributor.

One thing that people should pay even more heed to now is, PRIVACY. For those who weren’t aware of the massive negative feedback facebook recently had; a news feed was essentially put on the main page to make public every one of your friends moves on the site. Oddly there aren’t too many complaints about this recent change to the site.

Here’s my opinion of why this move wasn’t intelligent. Not because of privacy, the internet isn’t private and I doubt that will change. I criticize Mr. Zuckerberg and co. because he is giving away free marketing opportunities for free. If anyone with an email can become an entity on Facebook then how does the site stand to charge advertisers? I think the best option would have been to maintain the current policy of only allowing those with .edu emails to join and make commercial entities pay large sums for an account. But hey clearly i’m not the expert on web business since Zuckerberg’s site gets millions of hits a day and mine gets a hundred.


One Response to Unleash the floodgates!!

  1. anon says:

    Well fortunately for you, Facebook has provided the option of keeping yourself invisible from certain clusters of networks so they cannot see you- nor poke you- nor anything you. Check out your privacy settings.

    re to article: Don’t you love society that complains against free services?

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