Is anyone else R-FID (Horrified)

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no technophobe. In fact I think RFID technology is a great thing with limitless possibilities, it’s just one those things that you don’t want to get in the wrong hands, like a nuclear weapon…or a sex tape.

Great RFID Idea: Replacing barcode on store merchandise to do an inventory of products instantly and constantly.

Bad RFID Idea: Putting the chips in our credit cards for VARIOUS purposes.

I would love to post great opinions below!


2 Responses to Is anyone else R-FID (Horrified)

  1. David Wen says:

    Nice blog. Love the goal of it.

    Wal-Mart was thinking of using RFID to track inventory. Not sure if they actually did it though.

  2. This movie would have been more believable it it actually was shot totally on a handycam. The problem with that is then it wouldn’t have been watcha Click

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